Birmingham Airport Parking

Birmingham Airport Parking: Your Comprehensive Guide

Parking at Birmingham Airport is a breeze, whether you’re dropping off friends or embarking on your own journey. We’ve compiled all the essential information you need to make your parking experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.

Birmingham Airport Long Stay Parking

Long Stay car parks are perfect for travelers planning stays of over a week. While these car parks are situated a bit further from the terminal, they are still within walking distance, typically taking 5-10 minutes to reach on foot. For added convenience, a courtesy bus service connects the Long Stay car parks to bus stops just outside the passenger terminal.

While it’s possible to book long stay airport parking on the day of your departure, it’s advisable to pre-book to secure a parking space. Booking in advance often comes with cost-saving benefits, as many car parks offer discounts for phone and online bookings. To find the best parking deals, consider using our widget below to compare prices for car parking at Birmingham Airport and discover potential savings.

Dropping Off at Birmingham Airport

If you’re in the business of dropping off passengers at Birmingham Airport, you have two options:

  1. Dedicated Drop Off (DO) Car Park: This car park is conveniently located a 5-minute walk from the terminal. It offers a quick and efficient way to drop off passengers.
  2. Premium Set Down (PSD): The Premium Set Down area is right next to the airport terminal, providing maximum convenience. However, be mindful of the cost and duration differences between the two options.

Premium Set Down (PSD) Costs:

  • 0-15 mins: £3.00
  • 15-20 mins: £8.00
  • 20-25 mins: £13.00
  • 25-30 mins: £18.00
  • 30-35 mins: £23.00
  • 35-40 mins: £28.00
  • 40-45 mins: £33.00
  • 45-50 mins: £38.00
  • 50-55 mins: £43.00
  • 55-60 mins: £48.00
  • Additional 15 mins thereafter: £5.00

Dedicated Drop Off (DO) Costs:

  • 0-20 mins: Free
  • 20-25 mins: £1
  • 25-30 mins: £3
  • 30-35 mins: £5.00
  • 35-40 mins: £10.00
  • 40-45 mins: £15.00
  • 45-50 mins: £20.00
  • Additional 5 mins thereafter: £5.00

The price of the Premium Set Down Car Park increases by an additional £5 every 5 minutes up until the 60-minute mark, after which it changes to £5 for every extra 15 minutes.

Picking Up at Birmingham Airport

For those picking up arriving passengers, Car Park 1, 2, or 3 are ideal choices, as they are all a short 2-minute walk from the terminal building. Here are the prices for these car parks:

Birmingham Airport Short Stay Parking

If you’re picking up passengers or planning a slightly longer stay, Short/Medium Stay car parks 1, 2, and 3 are your best options. These multi-storey car parks are conveniently located next to the terminal building, ensuring easy access. Prices for all three car parks are the same, and you can also choose to use Car Park 4, which is slightly further away but offers a courtesy shuttle bus to the terminal, or Car Park 5, which is about a 10-minute walk from the terminal.

Short/Medium Stay Car Park Costs:

  • Up to 1 Hour: £6.50
  • 2 hours: £13.00
  • 3 hours: £19.50
  • 4 hours: £26.00
  • Up to 24 hours: £46.00-£49.00
  • Car Parks 1-3 are charged at £49 a day, Car Park 4 is £48, and Car Park 5 is £46.

Opting to park in Car Park 4 for up to 2 days will cost you £96, while Car Park 5 offers up to 3 days of parking for £93. If you exceed the specified times, you will be charged £46 per day for Car Parks 1-3, £29.50 for Car Park 4, and £9.50 for Car Park 5. These are the drive-up costs, but booking in advance can lead to more affordable rates.

Birmingham Airport Parking – Car Park 7

Car Park 7 is an off-site parking option, situated a 10-minute drive from the airport. This Long Stay car park also offers Short-Stay choices. Here are the costs for Car Park 7:

Car Park 7 Costs:

  • Up to 3 hours: £4.50
  • Up to 6 hours: £9.00
  • Up to 9 hours: £13.50
  • Up to 12 hours: £18.00
  • Up to 24 hours: £37.00
  • Up to 48 hours: £44.00
  • Additional day thereafter per day: £9.50

With the convenience of various parking options, Birmingham Airport ensures that your journey is not only hassle-free but also cost-effective. Whether you’re a traveler or someone dropping off or picking up passengers, you can select the parking service that best suits your needs and budget, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience.